Roy Smila


"The string's vibration sounds the steering melody of a timeless soul."

Roy Smila was born in Israel in 1980, to an Indian mother and a Tunisian father. He started his musical journey at the age of 16, first playing ‘conventional’ instruments such as the electric guitar and bass guitar. Travelling the east, Roy was exposed to ancient ethnic instruments and started his musical journey of exploration. He studied oriental violin with world-renowned virtuoso Yair Dalal, and went on to study the lyra, a stringed instrument from the Greek island of Crete, at the school of internationally acclaimed artist Ross Dali.

In 2003, Roy encountered the Kamancheh for the first time, at a concert by Israeli artist Mark Eliyahu, who became his teacher of 4 years. Roy also studied with Mark’s father, Piris Eliyahu, a master and scholar of ancient oriental music.

Roy went on to learn with the great artist and internally acclaimed Kamancheh virtuouso Imamiar Hassanov of Azerbaijan.

Roy lives in Shaharut in the southern Israeli desert, and travels extensively on concert tours. He is also a member of ANNA RF and Arambolla.

Gad Tidhar  |  Refael Ben Zichry  |  Faran Ensemble