Refael Ben Zichry


"Simply playing Mother Nature's heartbeat."

Refael was born in Israel in 1970 to Moroccan parents from the town of Sefrou, to the feet of the Atlas Mountains. Refael commenced his musical journey as a child, learning to play the drums. At the age of 24, in his journey to East Asia, Refael discovered the world of percussion. He started out as an autodidact, and after searching found his teacher – the renowned musician Shlomo Bar – with whom he studied North African drumming for three years. He later on specialized in playing frame drums, studying with Avi Agabeba for two years.

Refael went on to study with Dr. Piris Eliyahu for five years, learning how to connect rhythm and melody. It was there that he met the other members of the Faran Ensemble.

Refael teaches both privately and in drumming workshops, and specializes in working with youth at risk and populations with special needs and guiding and training groups through drumming. He is inspired by the rhythms of different cultures – Persian, Arab, African, Indian, Turkish and Balkan beats.

Refael is married and a father of three and lives in the Galilee.

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