FARAN in the new U2 video !!!


We have a great story to tell.
About a year ago, we got a strange email saying that “an American group is looking for bands to participate in a new video,” without any further details such as name of the band, pictures, links to their music, nothing. so we thought to ourselves, it must be spam mail, and ignored it.
A couple of weeks later, we received another email, with those words written in the subject:
“You guys were chosen to perform with a Grammy award winning band. Filming is next week, please reply!”

Wow. Gad was on a camel journey in the desert, and had no cellular reception; Roy was about to return to Israel from India; and Refael was somewhere up north. We contacted the production on the eleventh hour. We had to learn the song very quickly, in less than one day, and so, on very short notice, we gathered at Shaharut and played to directions of Gabo Arora before Ian Doss’s camera. The video released in october 2015.

For the full VR experience, download GearVR in the Oculus Store or the Vrse app on your phone at vrse.com.




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